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Ivanovo district
executive committee

JSC «Belsolod»

Director: Kenda Nikolaj Nikolajevich.
225800 Brest region, Ivanovo, Polevaja Str., 32.
Trading account 3012200550017 in branch SSB «Belagroprombank», Ivanovo.
Bank code: 976, TIN 200075434.

It is one of the leading enterprises in the republic on production of brewing malt. 410 people work here. The design output is 65 thousand tons of brewing malt a year.

JSC «Ivanovo dairy plant»

Director: Krepchuk Vasilij Nikolajevich.
225800, Brest region, Ivanovo, Sovetskaja Str., 102.
Traiding account 3012002210001 in branch №112 SSB «Belarusbank», Ivanovo.
Bank code: 622, TIN 200075207.

It is specialized in production of butter, milk products and potted milk, industrial casein and other kinds of products. 240 people work at the plant.

JSC «Mekosan»

Director: Palto.
225800 Brest region, Ivanovo, Karl Marks STR., 104.
Phone/fax: (+375 1652) 2-54-41  2-47-42.
Bank code: 150501622 TIN 200121754.
Url: http://www.mekosan.com/.
E -mail: mekosan@tut.by.

100 people are occupied in the production. The enterprise produces sprayers of various designs for agriculture. Besides the production of seed disinfectant was put into practice.

Branch of RUPE "Marylja"

Director Popkova Larisa Fedorovna.
225800, Brest region, Ivanovo, Krasnyh partisan Str., 27.
Traiding account 3012200710017 in branch SSB «Belagroprombank», Ivanovo.
Bank code: 150501976  TIN 2000 74611.
Phone/fax: (+375 1652) 2-25-50, 2-16-78.
E-mail: marylia@tut.by

The enterprise produces bakery and confectionary. Soft drinks and mineral water produced by the enterprise are in great demand among the population of the district. 160 people work in the company.

PRUE «Brest liqueur-vodka plant «Belalko»

225801, Brest region, Ivanovo district, Brodnitsa village.
Traiding account 301 200 352 0006 in branch №112 SSB «Belarusbank», Ivanovo.
Bank code: 622, TIN 201002746.

Branch of «Brodnitsa starch plant»

Director Daniljuk Nikolaj Stepanovich, works by power of attorney №15 of 24.02.2004.  80 people work at the starch plant. The enterprise produces dry starch and rectified alcohol.

Branch of district cooperative society "Koopprom"

in the Motol village is specialized in bakery, confectionary, sausages, macaroni and fish processing. In the branch work 180 people.

Ivanovo district
executive committee
225793, Ivanovo, October place, 2,
e-mail: ivanrik@brest-region.gov.by
Ivanovo district
executive committee
225793, Ivanovo, October place, 2,
e-mail: ivanrik@brest-region.gov.by
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