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Ivanovo district
executive committee
Deputy head of the District Executive Committee - Bezsilko Vikrot Ivanovich

Bezsilko Vikrot Ivanovich

Chief of the Board for agriculture and foodstuffs.

Direction of agro industrial complex. Questions of manufacture and processing of agricultural, forestry and environmental services of the district production.

telephone: (+375 165) 22-48-25

reception: (+375 165) 2-21-71

Guarding of agricultural complex of the region. The questions of production and recycle of agricultural production. Control after execution of social standards in questions of catering after population according to guarded branches.


realization of state programme of rebirth and development of village for years 2005 – 2010 in Ivanovo region;

ration resources;

delivery of raw materials to organizations recycling agricultural production;

reformation of agricultural organizations;

natural resources, ecology;

development of bee keeping;

land relations;

development of subsidiary sectors of organizations, private subsidiary economy of citizens, gardening, farmstead sector;

agricultural organizations of the region, Ivanovo production ground JSC «Drogichin kombikormovyj plant», Ivanovo point of reception of beet
JSC «Zabinka sugar plant»;

organizations providing technical servicing of agro industrial complex- filial «Movable mechanized column № 61 Ivanovo»
RUE «Pinskobodstroj», state unitary  production enterprise «Ivanovo PMS», JSC «Ivanovo regional agricultural service»;

forestry of the region;

regional inspection of natural resources and protection of environment;

land building and geodesic services of Ivanovo region;

establishment «Ivanovo regional veterinary station»;

Ivanovo filial of RSUP «Brestplempredpriyatie»;

inspection on seed growing and plant protection in Ivanovo state establishment «Brest regional governmental establishment on seed breeding, quarantine and plant protection»;

SEO «Educational centre of preparation, improvement of qualification and retraining of personnel of administration of agriculture and food provision of Ivanovo executive committee»;

establishment «Ivanovo regional organizational structure» of republican state union «Belarusian society of hunters and fishermen»;

timely payment of salary according to guarded branches.

Guarding of regional commissions, board:

board of administration of agriculture and food provision,

commission on ecology and rational usage of land,

commission on organization of land reform,

commission on estimation of losses caused by withdrawal and temporal occupation of land lots,

commission on prevention of economic inconsistency (bankruptcy) insolvent organizations,

commission on organization of republican contest «The usage of land of agriculture of high culture, improvement of machine yards, animal farms and complexes».

Realization of guarding of activity :

administrating of agriculture and food supply of the district executive committee.

Ivanovo district
executive committee
225793, Ivanovo, October place, 2,
e-mail: ivanrik@brest-region.gov.by
Ivanovo district
executive committee
225793, Ivanovo, October place, 2,
e-mail: ivanrik@brest-region.gov.by
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