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Ivanovo district
executive committee
Deputy head of District Executive Committee - Sysa Grigogy Maksimovich

Sysa Grigogy Maksimovich

Management of social-culture complex, ideological relations and ideological work. Leading of the personnel-organizational work in the district.

telephone: :         (+375 165) 22-80-05

Guarding of social cultural complex of the region sphere of ideological relations, informative activity. Organization of work with head personnel and personnel reserve. Control after execution of social standards of servicing the population of the region according to guarded branches.

Questions :

execution of state programme of rebirth of village for years  2005 – 2010 in Ivanovo region;

selection and training of personnel;



physical culture, sport and tourism;

health care establishments «Ivanovo central regional hospital »;

provision of population with medicaments;

establishment «Ivanovo regional centre of hygiene and epidemiology »;

state establishment «Ivanovo physical sport club»;

establishment «Editorial office of newspaper «Chirvonaya zvyazda »  and programme of radio broadcasting «Gavoric Ivanovo»;

state establishment «Ivanovo territorial centre of  social catering of population»;

interaction with the council of regional unification of labour union;

activity of political parties and movements;

public organizations of invalids, veteran organizations, children, youth, women public organizations;

regional organization of public union «Belarusian republican youth union »;

regional department of Brest regional fund of social protection of population;

realization of youth policy in the region;

regional committee of public organization «Red Cross»;

timely payment of salary according to guarded branches.

Guidance on regional commissions, councils and regional staff:

council on coordination of activity of all public unifications;

regional headquarters of volunteer squads  районным штабом добровольных дружин;

regional coordination council on youth affairs;

regional council on coordination of work among population on organization of their leisure in free time and formation of healthy life-style;

regional commission on questions of health improvement and treatment at health resorts of the local population;

regional commission on the campaign against hard drinking;

commission on work with the cases of former partisans and members of underground of WWII  years1941-1945;

regional interdepartmental coordination council on prevention and fight against tuberculosis;

commission on work with under age children;

commission on control of observance of normative acts that regulate selling, rental and demonstration of cinema and print products by legal entities and physical persons;

regional induction station;

council on coordination of development of tourism in Ivanovo region;

regional coordination council on ideological work;

regional reception committee;

coordination council on prevention of venereal diseases and HIV infections;

regional council of seniors;

commission on assistance in control after observance of legislation system in the sphere o freedom of consciousness and religious organizations;

commission on establishment of status of a victim at Chernobyl nuclear power plant;

council of trustees on questions of funeral affairs;

commission on organization and control after usage of humanitarian aid;

commission on provision of state address help;

Execution of guarding of activity:

administration on labour, employment and social protection of the district executive committee (apart from questions under the competence of deputy head Shum N.N.);

department on ideological work of the district executive committee;

department on work with youth;

department on physical culture, sport and tourism of the district executive committee;

educational department of the district executive committee;

department on culture of the district executive committee;

deputy head of the commission on work with under age children.

Ivanovo district
executive committee
225793, Ivanovo, October place, 2,
e-mail: ivanrik@brest-region.gov.by
Ivanovo district
executive committee
225793, Ivanovo, October place, 2,
e-mail: ivanrik@brest-region.gov.by
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