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Ivanovo district
executive committee
Deputy head of the District Executive Committee - Klyshko Vitaliy Grigoryevich

Vitaliy Grigoryevich

Management of building, fuel and energy complexes of the district, housing and municipal service, road facilities, transport and communication. Coordination of the activity of district state and economic organizations on prevention and liquidation consequences of the accident on Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

telephone: (+375 165) 22-80-07

Guidance of activity of construction, fuel energetic complexes of the region, housing communal, road economy, transport and communication. Coordination of activity of state and economy organs of the region on prevention and liquidation of aftermaths of natural calamities including the questions of liquidation of aftermaths of accident at Chernobyl nuclear power plant, control on execution of social standards on servicing the population of the region accorded to guarded branches.

Questions :

execution of state programme on rebirth and development of village for years 2005 – 2010 in Ivanovo region;

execution of the programmes of housing construction, road construction in city and in village, maintenance and servicing of given objects ;

social and cultural development of the city;

development of conception on beautification of the city and rural inhabited areas of the region;

state construction supervision;

observance of legislation in the sphere of construction and architecture, land legislative system by the citizens of the city in the sphere of usage of and lots for construction and servicing of houses and farming;

development of roadside service;

energetic and communication;

energy saving;

fuel securing;

realization of gas provision;


construction and road organizations of the region;

project organizations of construction profile;

communal unitary diversified production enterprise of communal economy «Ivanovskoe CE»;

branch «Ivanovskij raitopsbyt» BOUE «Administration of communal economy»;

branch of Ivanovo «Bus park № 3 Pinsk»;

Ivanovo regional bond of electric connection of Brest filial of Republican unitary enterprise «Beltelecom»;

Ivanovo regional bond of post connection of Brest filial of Republican unitary enterprise «Belpochta»;

Ivanovo region electric network of filial Pinsk electric lines of Republican unitary enterprise «Brestenergo»;

filial of Ivanovo regional industrial administration of gas enterprise «Ivanovoraigas» unitary enterprise «Brestoblgas»;

filial Ivanovo road repair- construction administration
№ 139 of communal unitary enterprise  «Brestobldorstroj»;

Ivanovo regional department on emergency cases;

timely payment of salary in guarded branches.

Guidance of regional commissions, councils and a work group:

permanently functioning interdepartmental commission on the examination of questions of finding inhabited houses unsuitable for living or non corresponding to sanitary and technical demands;

communal commission on housing questions;

commission on provision to the citizens one time unpaid subsidies for building ( reconstruction) or buying placements, provision of favourable credits and checking of their usage;

commission on beautification and sanitary state of Ivanovo;

work group on organization of works on preparation of the territory and objects of the region in engineer relation ;

permanently functioning commission on investigation of accidents and incidents connected with the cases of usage gas in houses;

commission on emergency cases;

commission for organization of inventory of heating devices;

commission on evaluation of privatized houses that are in communal property of Ivanovo region;

commission on safe road traffic;

commission on choice of a land lot;

regional council on energy saving;

commission on organization and holding of auctions for drawing of tenement agreements in Ivanovo;

commission on acceptance of objects of private construction in exploitation;

technical council on construction;

commission on check of conservation of unfinished houses in Ivanovo;

commission on examination of empty houses;

commission on development of reception distributive systems of television.

Execution of administration of activity :

department on architecture and construction of the district executive committee;

department on communal construction of the district executive committee;

communal unitary enterprise «Ivanovo regional administration of capital construction»;

communal unitary project architecture –planning enterprise «Ivanovo archive bureau».

Ivanovo district
executive committee
225793, Ivanovo, October place, 2,
e-mail: ivanrik@brest-region.gov.by
Ivanovo district
executive committee
225793, Ivanovo, October place, 2,
e-mail: ivanrik@brest-region.gov.by
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